Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

Muhammad Ali

Our services consist of leading-edge software technologies, and cover the entire application development life cycle, ranging from requirement analysis, project management, high-level and detailed design, implementation, to training and support where possible and required. We try to provide our clients with total solutions and aim to be as cost-effective as possible. Our solutions are designed to address the complex IT challenges faced every day.
Customer satisfaction and timely delivery are our major concerns.


We have facility to convert manuals and catalogs into electronic formats. This not only facilitates easy access through Web, LAN or CD but also saves cost for frequent updates. The manuals/documents are converted into PDF format for easy viewing and access with complete security of contents. We are providing these services to airlines and corporate clients. We are also supporting clients in making books and study material available on Internet

Data Entry

We have the facility to carry out data entry project. At present we are providing these services to SGS (Pvt) Limited.

Training and Consulting

We have expertise available in a large number of areas including software development, networking, data processing and mining. We therefore also provide training and consulting services to our clients.

 We have has already conducted many short seminars for the training of its own staff and faculty members of collaborating institutes. We have in-house training facilities for our clients. We can also provide on-site training e.g. extensive training on Microsoft products, Macromedia products, Sun products, Oracle etc. We have conduct courses in Visual Basic and SQL for Focus Humanitarian Foundation, Canada.

Maintenance & Support

We have qualified staff to provide maintenance and support for all the products developed and implemented by us



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