Project info

  • Date: Jun 20, 2019
  • Client: Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Navy, Unilever Corporate Clinic
  • Category:
  • Address: Pakistan

Hospital & Clinic Management System

Our Hospital & Clinic Management System is focused on providing customized solution for Health Care. It provides user-friendly retrieval and information exchange and integrates all support functions. It provides security for data access at all levels. It is a modular system and application can be installed according to user needs. At present it is being implemented for hospitals in Pakistan Air Force.


  • Client Server environment
  • Business rule driven
  • SQL Server as the backend database
  • VB for the front end

Main Modules

  • Patient Registration
  • Out-patient Management
  • In-patient Management
  • Treatments and Investigations
  • Pharmacy Systems
  • Medical Records
  • Patient Billing
  • Resource Management
  • Service Price List
  • General Stores and Inventory Management

How It Works

Special module has been developed for Gynecologist for easy tracking of patients during various phases of pregnancy. Similarly, any of the modules can be enhanced to meet specific requirements.

For clinics, only required modules can be hooked together to make an affordable, efficient and manageable system.

The system is flexible enough to operate on a single PC or an extensive network.