Digital Forensic

We have experienced resources to carry out Digital Forensic. Our experience is not limited to only computers, but also covers DB, networks, audio, video, email and cloud forensics. 

We can provide services for forensics analysis of HDD, RAM, Servers, USB, SSD, and memory card acquisition and analysis. Similarly, expertise is available to carryout forensics of mobile phone data.

We also have the expertise to establish forensics labs and conduct training sessions. From initial design through deployment, testing and staff training, we work closely in every step of establishing Forensic Lab.

Working Process

The following services can be provided:

  1. Selection of equipment & software based on aims and objectives of the project
  2. Establishment of Lab 
  3. Training on use of equipment & associated software
  • earnngQualified trainers
  • Creating and maintaining the academic syllabi for all trainings
  • Conduct onsite training for the participants
  • Conduct exams for participants in the programs.
  • Provision of LMS (Learning Management System) and support if required